Our Story

Glam, Seventies Rock and Roll, and Punk crashed a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Dracula's Miniskirt was the morning-after hangover. Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, T Rex, Patti Smith, the New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, and the Velvet Underground, Dracula's Miniskirt plays original songs that mine the rich tradition of outrageous, gender-bending rock'n'roll mayhem they love best.

Founded in 2015, the band has played in a variety of small and mid-sized venues in the Philadelphia area. Currently they are recording new songs and videos, and seeking new performance opportunities in 2019 and beyond.

Dracula's Miniskirt. Rock and roll with teeth. And legs.

Meet The Skirts

Moxi Marlow

Songwriting, lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Wanting to be a rock star since the beginning of time, Moxi has played in a number of bands you’ve never heard of. Love, monsters, gender, underwear, aliens, magic, and sex figure prominently in her songs. Her role models are Frank N. Furter, Joan Jett, and Bugs Bunny, and her hobbies include intergalactic mayhem, Bigsby tremolos, and fishnet stockings. 

Tom Kraemer

Lead Guitar

Tom has dabbled in pretty much every genre and subgenre of music over his four and a half decades of guitar playing. Early on he vowed never to pay more than $225 for an instrument. He’s been revising that number upwards ever since. When he retires, Tom dreams of traveling the country playing in honky tonks. This will likely remain a dream.

Uncle Mike

Bass guitar

Uncle Mike is the newest member of the Dracula's Miniskirt family. He's a cat dad, active in several bands, and wears a hat. Always.

Ed Cohle


Originally influenced by jazz bands, Ed eventually found that rock music was what he really enjoyed most. He played in cover bands from age 16 until quitting to raise his family after college. Returning to music decades later, Ed’s love for 70’s prog rock and glam hasn’t diminished. Bad puns and deadpan humor are his trademark.